Sao Tome, Apr 2009

I was stucked in Sao Tome due to aircraft problem. Even though it was a minimum rest, night stop in Sao Tome is something to be remembered. I'm sure you guys might be wondering where is Sao Tome? Well, i never heard of it either until few days before i was scheduled to go there. Here is where it is, somewhere in southwest coast of Africa.

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Myself and the rest of the crew stayed at Pestana Sao Tome Hotels & Resort. Here is few photos of the hotels area and the room. For info, wifi is available free in the lobby area.

Seychelles March 09

Once in a while we do brought VIP for holiday in certain places. this time is Seychelles. 3 days there enjoying the sun and the beach is part of the fun working in this business, private aviation. Apparently there is 2 Le Meridian in Seychelles, we end up in Barbaron.

The entrance from the main street. LeMeridian Barbaron, Seychelles.

View from the parking lot toward the main entrance.

The Le Meridian Barbaron located on west site of the island so taxi reide from the airport is around 30 minutes with drive across the hill road. Here is some of the view from the hotel.

The room view.

View of the bathroom.

The resort, my room is the most left top.

Wireless internet available free from the lobby but with a fee for connections in the room. The breakfast service is very good with a lot of healthy selections.

Another view of the lounge with the bar on left hand side, behind me is the beach.

View of the resort from the beach.

The swimming pool and lastly at the bottom view of the beaches.

Enjoy, for those who going to travel to Seychelles, Le Meridian Barbaron is a good place to stay.

Engineering Goes Green

While transit in Dubai, while waiting for the ground handler to offload VIP bags from the cargo compartment, the engineering staff came and make preparation for departure, what amaze me was the tricycle that what i feel so great to be use as no pollution, available storage space for engineering equipment and provide exercise for the users too.
I think my bos should consider this too..

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